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Prompt Group has a wide range of solutions to improve the efficiency of a various process involved in the dairy industry.

Prompt E-Panel is one such product.

It’s a digital signage system designed specifically for the dairy industry. It is being used by the Milk Society to display the messages such as Milk rates, important circular and/or announcements from the Milk Unions office to the members/farmers of the Milk Societies.

The messages are sent over 2G, 3G & GSM network.

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Prompt's digital display for cow farms

Prompt E-Panel Comprises of 3 Main Components

Prompt's digital signage for cow farm

Software installed in the computer at Milk Union for communication between head office and Dairy Farms/Milk Societies.

Prompt's led based digital signage for cow farm

LED-based panel installed at Dairy Farms/Milk Societies to display the messages sent by Milk Union.

Prompt's web-based digital signage for cow farm

WEB-based central server has a central server to store the data and process all the messages from Milk Union head office.